Co-Op FAQs

What is the Co-op time requirement?

Each family is responsible for 12 Co-op hours per child (up to 30 hours). Hours will be prorated for those families who enter SMS after the first month of the school year. Your yearly Co-op requirement begins the first day of the semester in September and ends on April 15th. Your Co-op hours will be tracked as you record and report them to the Co-op Coordinator. There are Co-op opportunities between the April deadline and the end of the semester. If a parent would like to use these hours to complete their requirement for the year, they need to commit to those opportunities before April deadline and get approval from the Co-op coordinator to apply those hours toward the current academic yearly requirement. 

Any hours recorded and verified above the requirement will be rolled into the next academic school year’s requirement.

There is no Co-op requirement for students enrolled in our summer program, but parents may complete hours during the summer to apply to the upcoming academic school year.

Who can fulfill our family’s Co-op time requirement?

Generally it is the parents who fulfill the family Co-op requirement.  However, with  advance approval by the Co-op Coordinator, any family member, family friend, co-worker, or professional connection may assist the family. Please note: Co-op hours are not transferable from family to family within the school. Please email with questions. 

What happens if I do not complete my Co-op requirement before the end of the school year?

If you are unable to complete your family’s Co-op requirement before April deadline, you will be billed for the hours not completed at the rate of $30 per negligent hour on May’s invoice. 

How do I find out about available Co-op volunteer opportunities?

A sign up for specific volunteer opportunities is available through our website. is the direct URL for our Co-op program page. The password for 2023-2020 school year is Peace2023. All jobs are posted here. Once new jobs are posted an email will be sent informing parents of the new opportunities. Once you have signed up for an opportunity and received the email from the Co-op coordinator please reply back within 24 hours confirming your commitment to the task.  If the Co-op coordinator does not get a confirmation from you the opportunity will be opened back up on the website for another parent to sign up for.

Are there other ways to be involved beyond listed opportunities?

There are many ways to be involved, choose what suits you!

Classroom support (providing a special craft, offering a Special presentation, making materials, repairs, deep cleaning, classroom librarian, *field trip assistance)

Event support (planning committees, set-up, community service planner, publicity, etc.)

Maintenance support (gardening, property, materials, small repairs, carpentry, recycling volunteer etc.)

Program support (library, sports activities, Extended Day- Afterschool  Enrichment Program assistance, Scholastic book organizer, box-tops, school photographer,etc.)

Administrative/Office support  ( Committee participation, fundraising- Giving Tree, Bike athon, Silent Auction, graphic design, marketing-public support, technology assistance, etc. 

Do field trips count for Co-op hours?

In order to streamline Co-op hours and trips, the following Co-op hours will be offered to chaperones. Lead teachers will submit Co-op request to the Co-op Coordinator prior to the trip taking place.

-Quick trips- library to pick up resources (1 hr), grocery store (1 hr), supply run (1 hr)

-Larger trip -curriculum based Elementary program (½ co-op hour offered per hour of field trip). For example, a 6 hour field trip would equal 3 Co-op hours 

What are considered non-reportable hours?

Please understand that many valuable contributions of time are made because parents wish to be supportive of their child’s school experience.  Attending classroom meetings, celebrations, or programs are examples of non-reportable (or eligible) Co-op hours.

Can I complete Co-op hours from home?

There are many Co-op opportunities that Parents may complete at home, such as material making, graphic design, painting or refinishing shelving.  The majority of opportunities are on-campus jobs which may be completed during the day, evening, or on weekends depending on the nature of the opportunity.

Can I bring my children with me?

For safety reasons, please do not bring children to school after hours  while you fulfill your on-campus work hours; unless they are old enough to be a part of the activity. Children must be carefully supervised at all times on the school premises. 

How will I be reimbursed for any items I purchase to complete a Co-op job?

When parents purchase supply items for work hour projects, classroom events, or program support, they may be reimbursed or apply the total spent towards their Co-op hours.  (Please note:  one Co-op hour equals $30.00).  In order to be reimbursed, or receive Co-op credit for requested purchases, a receipt must be scanned and emailed to, or given to your child’s campus administration.

How do I report my Co-op hours?

Parent Co-op hours should be tracked and then reported to the Co-op Coordinator. To receive hour credit for purchases, you can either scan your receipts and email them to, or give them to your child’s campus administration. Remember, it is the parent’s responsibility to record their Co-op hours.

How do I determine the number of hours I report for a completed Co-op job?

The Co-op coordinator will be able to help determine the number of hours to report for a completed job.  A majority of the time the number of hours will be predetermined and attached with the job request.  Other factors may include:

Actual time spent (track your time)

How will I know how many hours I’ve submitted?

After you record your Co-op hours in your ParentsWeb account, you can view them at any time within the Family Information section of your ParentsWeb account.  At the end of the school year, any hours remaining on your account will be billed as incomplete hours.  

Who do I contact if I have Co-op questions?

If you have any questions or concerns about the Parent Co-op Program at SMS, please email Parents are invited to make suggestions for Co-op participation. Your ideas are important to us!