6 weeks to 16 months

Babies develop best when given loving attention, quality time and true respect in a peaceful environment where focused, individualized care is the priority. At Salem Montessori School, we provide a warm, safe and nurturing environment that supports your child’s physical, emotional, and cognitive development while honoring their unique needs and routines.

Each baby enters the world with special abilities, precious gifts, and a unique personality ready to unfold. Our beautiful infant classroom, for children 6 weeks to 16 months old, is designed to meet babies’ stimulating needs interactively and promote their natural desire to explore and learn with developmentally appropriate play objects and learning activities. Growing in such an environment prepares the infant for a much stronger and lasting ability to learn fully and happily.

At Salem Montessori School, each infant’s sense of security and trust develop as their caregivers respond consistently and lovingly to their individual needs. Our flexible scheduling allows children to eat, sleep, or play according to their own natural routine. Montessori caregivers monitor each child’s routine and communicate with parents daily about their child’s accomplishments, tendencies, and schedule.

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From A Parent

“When I get my eight month old out of the car and he sees the school, he smiles and claps and starts bouncing up and down in my arms.

He can’t wait to get inside. What more could a parent ask for?”