Upper Elementary

4th through 8th grade

Continuing the three-year cycle format, the upper elementary at Salem Montessori School includes children ages 9 to 14 (fourth through eighth grades). The upper elementary level compliments the curriculum presented at the lower elementary level.  At the upper elementary level, there is a gradual developmental shift to abstract thinking, and the Montessori lessons and materials support this passage.

Our rich learning environment is responsive to varied individual needs and learning styles, following the interests and abilities of each child, with the goal of nurturing self-directed, enthusiastic learners. By pursuing their particular interests in a Salem Montessori classroom, students gain an appreciation for learning – the key to the child becoming a truly educated person.

Salem Montessori School’s upper elementary curriculum offers a wide range of subjects that extend well into the higher levels.  Each subject area begins with a broad overview after which specific details are researched and added, creating greater depth and understanding. This approach facilitates critical thinking and open-mindedness in learning. It enables students to connect and relate content information more effectively within and across disciplines.  Students become more research-oriented, creative, responsible and adept at solving their own problems. Students also begin to take a more active role in community service activities, helping to see themselves within a larger social context.

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